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haven't got the faintest

now what?

Andi's Bizarre Adventure
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A long, unhurried walk to nowhere in particular.
I don't know what I think until I write it down.
~Samuel Johnson


My name is Adriana and I don't know what on earth is going on. This is, as I am slowly realizing, exactly as it should be.

This community was created to contain my endless ramblings on spirituality and personal development so as to spare my poor long-suffering friends. I make no pretense at having any idea what I'm talking about as I am, essentially, making it up as I go along and hoping to hit on something true every now and then.

If you choose to follow along, my sincere hope is that we might help each other make some sense of our lives, and have some entertaining conversations along the way.

Guidelines and Notes

♥ I shall do my absolute best not to preach, proselytize, or otherwise try to shove my beliefs down your throat, and I ask only that you do me the same courtesy.

♥ Talk to each other! I guarantee I will not be annoyed if my inbox gets swamped with long discussion threads and people making friends. On the contrary, I will be quite delighted, so don't hold back.

The end. Welcome to my life!