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002. What the $*(!@?

Hey. Heeeyy. Got a question for you.

Have you ever had an existential crisis moment, realized you were having one, and then had the sudden bizarre compulsion to set your feelings to the tune of whatever song is stuck in your head? (EXISTENTIAL CRISIIIIIS, WHAT ARE MOUNTAAAIINS)



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001. Self-centeredness

I thought long and hard today about what topic my first entry here should be.

Some topics felt too heavy for a first time (grief, anger). Some felt too 'fluffy' (auras, crystals, tarot), though you can rest assured I'll get into them at some point. The rest felt too random, too pretentious, too something to be acceptable.

Then I realized how much I was overthinking it and told myself soundly to shut up and write.

My topic today, coming to you courtesy of a question an old friend asked me recently, is the concept of self-centeredness. (Not selfishness-- I'll talk about that in another post.)

It's an insult I hear thrown around a lot, usually behind the back of the person in question. "She's so self-centered! Can't she think of someone else's feelings for once in her life? God, what a bitch!" Or: "He's the most self-centered jerk I've ever met. It's like nobody else matters. Like we don't even exist!"

This has always mystified me. If a person is being inconsiderate, they are being inconsiderate. If they are being callous, they are being callous. I don't dispute that. But calling him or her 'self-centered' as if that's at all related to the situation at hand...

Let me ask a question. If being self-centered is such a terrible thing, who else exactly should you be centered around? Second question: how?

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Next time you meet a person who strikes you as 'self-centered,' look a bit closer and from a different angle, and see what happens. At the very least it'll give you something to ponder while you're pretending to listen to them.

Good night and sweet dreams to all of you. Thanks for reading.


isn't it marvelous, wonderfully weird

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls!

My name is Adriana and I come before you today equal parts excited and scared shitless.

For the past while, this last week especially, various people in my life and my own intuition have been making it clear to me in no uncertain terms that I need to get off my ass and start speaking up. "You don't talk enough," they say. "You have things to say. Say them!"

I wilted in the face of this, thinking in horror of how egotistical I would be perceived to be, how absolutely ridiculously pretentious, a mere girl presuming to talk about something so high and profound as spirituality! It's one thing to ramble in one's personal journal, but quite another to ramble to the world at large... a horse of a very different colour indeed.

I am no enlightened teacher, I thought, no wise and farseeing guru. I'm just a girl. I have no training, no credentials, no mountain of research to stand on.

Well, you know what? So be it. Most people don't, and they're just as smart and wise and happy and have just as much to offer as those who do. Who am I to swallow what small wisdom I might have because it's not big wisdom? Who am I to perpetuate the myth that your insight means nothing without a certificate to go with it?

I may not be a Ph.D, I may not be Louise Hay or Eckhart Tolle, but I figure they started in about the same place I'm standing now, so what the heck. They're people just like me. You know what kind of people write books, share insights, and give value to the world? People who decide to write books and share their insights in the hopes of giving value to the world.

So, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to wing it and pray my head off for the chance to do some good.

Come explore with me. ♥